… but I have not forgotten this cake

round and round the mixing bowl, like a whirling wind, ..1 step, 2 steps,…and it is ready

I’ve chosen pink for the whipping cream.  This whipping cream is a miracle; the easiest to use.  All, I have to make sure is my apparatus and utensils have been in the freezer before attempt to get in contact with the cream.
Ta-dah!!! and it is ready for me to frost the cake, can you smell or taste it?
 Sometimes, I do dream that I can even transfer taste and smell over to all you out there that are reading.

I am top-stitching my cherry blossom with cut up raisins
 Does it or does it not feel like I am making a quilt pattern or applique for my sewing project?  I eventually at more raisins and craisins as pollen.

consider it as DONE! (mind you I did all these with the help of my other two children, just can’t stop them to share their creativity and love, can I?

There she is, our darling girl, birthday girl
 I am sure all of you can agree with me that no matter what went wrong at home, at the end of the day, they still remained as our pride and joy.  xxxxoooo

This is it, US! One happy and blessed family. clockwise: Vic (hubby), me, Elijah (son), Elisabeth (1st daughter), Nayomi (2nd daughter

 Did you notice, there is a picture of Nayomi in a zebra print box?  Well, I thought I paid a fortune for that print. LoL!  It was worth it, though!

that’s our boy!  he just made my heart melt by the way he ate my cake
 Did not he make you think that he is eating the most scrumptious cake in the world, at least to me anyway; very good model.  Simply know how to put a smile on my face.
that’s our beautiful first born darling girl, Elisabeth
I apologized apart from the cake looking like an applique, there is nothing about sewing on this post.  Nonetheless, I just felt too happy to keep them in my mac alone.  Afterall, I did bake with time and love; TimeNLove-42

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