Sew Shopping Shopping

Today I will be shopping for beautiful fabrics at Ruche Fabrics, opened on George Street, Launceston not too long ago. They carry beautiful fabrics from Europe and Japan. My shopping experience is going to be fun-tastic!

Three cheers to Launceston for having a great shop like this! We no longer only have that one big messy craft store to dig and dig.

Ruche Fabrics is on Facebook and website and lots of reviews on her So she should be an easy find for you.

One more thing that, I like so much about her is that she carries Japanese Sewing pattern books too. I was floored when I saw those books. I used to go online and search and search. But now….Voila! Easy peasy.

So go check her out, all you fabrics hoarders, or lovers! LOL!


Learning Curve-3rd found gadget

Today I am going to be a little off the track. Not really,… I am actually liberating myself to write on this gadget topic.  I am taking this a little further for you, mummies out there – Baby Diapers.  Yes, you heard it right.  I have a lot to be grateful for the baby diapers.  In my opinion my third found gadget in this learning process of pattern drafting and even online business, is indeed baby diapers.  (rotf) I can’t imagined those days where no one used  this gadget and at the same time, running shows and markets and blogging and cooking and cleaning the house and having to look after three or more children plus hubby.  OMG!
The fact that I can be blogging right now, while my 1 year old is taking her nap in the cool of the day is because she is wearing a baby diaper.  [and I hope we all are using them responsibly, :)]  Now that they have organic and or eco-friendly diapers; I mean this is just getting better and better.  Hopefully, all of us can afford the eco-friendly diapers but, I guess the bottom line is, enjoying ‘the gadget’ responsibly.
I guess I will not go any further, I will stop here and give thanks to this great invention for all mothers of the world who strives and shall thrive to make this world a more beautiful place to love and treasure.  Happy blogging and keep smiling to all mummies and non-mummies in the world.

… but I have not forgotten this cake

round and round the mixing bowl, like a whirling wind, ..1 step, 2 steps,…and it is ready

I’ve chosen pink for the whipping cream.  This whipping cream is a miracle; the easiest to use.  All, I have to make sure is my apparatus and utensils have been in the freezer before attempt to get in contact with the cream.
Ta-dah!!! and it is ready for me to frost the cake, can you smell or taste it?
 Sometimes, I do dream that I can even transfer taste and smell over to all you out there that are reading.

I am top-stitching my cherry blossom with cut up raisins
 Does it or does it not feel like I am making a quilt pattern or applique for my sewing project?  I eventually at more raisins and craisins as pollen.

consider it as DONE! (mind you I did all these with the help of my other two children, just can’t stop them to share their creativity and love, can I?

There she is, our darling girl, birthday girl
 I am sure all of you can agree with me that no matter what went wrong at home, at the end of the day, they still remained as our pride and joy.  xxxxoooo

This is it, US! One happy and blessed family. clockwise: Vic (hubby), me, Elijah (son), Elisabeth (1st daughter), Nayomi (2nd daughter

 Did you notice, there is a picture of Nayomi in a zebra print box?  Well, I thought I paid a fortune for that print. LoL!  It was worth it, though!

that’s our boy!  he just made my heart melt by the way he ate my cake
 Did not he make you think that he is eating the most scrumptious cake in the world, at least to me anyway; very good model.  Simply know how to put a smile on my face.
that’s our beautiful first born darling girl, Elisabeth
I apologized apart from the cake looking like an applique, there is nothing about sewing on this post.  Nonetheless, I just felt too happy to keep them in my mac alone.  Afterall, I did bake with time and love; TimeNLove-42

Forgotten How to Construct My Sloper

I have been scouting for “How to build a sloper of your own”. For those of you that do not know what is a sloper, it is the utmost basic paper pattern that you will want to creat before we can even talk about designing or sewing. This basic pattern is done on some sort of hard paper. I found out that they call it tag board (oak paper) It is brown in color and very thick and sturdy so that when your mechanical pencil follows the edge of the paper it will stay on track.

And while I was in the process of scouting I came across a lot of websites and blogs, but I this particularly excites me:
Check out Turnips and Toile from Melbourne also Creating a Basic Pattern to Create Your Own Designer Clothes

Turnips mentioned something that I was really looking for; the Bunka sloper. Thanks to her, really. I will continue to explore this till I am able to create one again.  I actually bought that book (the whole set to be exact) in hope to refresh myself with pattern drafting once again.  Self taught is really not my style but, when you have 3 children all under age 6, and homeschooling you will have to look for alternative even if it is not your taste.

I shall write more and put up some more pictures to this learning process (pattern drafting)

Chapel Veil Project

Chapel veil by TimenLove42
Honestly, it took me a long time to be a able to write about this project.  This project was done back in August.  I am truly thankful and proud that I was given this project.  (isn’t the model beautiful?)  I have some photos of the process of making the veil in my flickr account but, I am not so sure how to post them on to my blog so…  At the same time, the photos are not that great… so bare with.
Before I begin the sewing process, I already had a picture in my mind.  So I put it on paper.  (But, nowadays, it is really difficult for my fingers to transfer the picture on to the sketch book)  Then, it was the fun part!… Shopping time!  🙂
I went shopping at the textiles street in Kuala Lumpur and boy, it was hot.  I finally got the softest tulle (the type whereby it just drapes)  I bought 5metres and I also bought lace approximately, 25metres. LOL!
I was happy with the lace design (very simple) but when I got home I found out that my ancient dinosaur  sewing machine can’t take that thickness.  There fore, I needed to hand stitch 25metres of lace onto the veil.  I can tell you that it was fun, errrr…may be not so fun.  LoL!
I was contemplating if I will need to attach a comb on to the veil.  Later, I found out how the bride was going to wear it under her bun (almost at the nape) my job became even simpler.  So now all I need to do is to shape the frontal piece and the back piece and sew a break between the two pieces and … Voila!  It is done.
Funny, how this sounded easier than the real process.  Hmmm… Anyone of you out there that are trying to make one for yourself or others I could be of help.  Anyhow, I do custom made veil and I ‘ll surely be happy to custom made for you out there that are getting married.  Happy Wedding

Flower Power Empowers

I believe there is a certain power or energy in plants and flowers in particular.  Whenever, I get to go out to my garden, I will surely bring my little humble camera along.  Hope you enjoy gazing at them over and over again like I do.

Can you feel the energy wrapped inside this little bud . . . ready to explode.
Flower Power

Pin cushion Swapping

Woow!  All of you that loves pin cushion and what not… you got to check this out.  6060 just wrote something about it.  Look at those sweeet pictures she had put up.  The detailing was magnificent!  I am not kidding you.  Well, I personally joined the Yahoo Amigurumi group and when I saw what they put up for members to swap.  I went drooling…. no kidding.  I practically melted away seeing the time and love they have put in to create something so beautiful for someone unknown (virtual).  Now this is true love and passion they have for their people and their crafts.

Just moved!!!

OMG!!! You won’t believe it! I have moved AGAIN!  But I am alive!  Thank God for blogs.  Today as I open my blog account I found yet another follower.  ( I am so excited) So they are now my friend and I love to have them as my followers.  I really want you all to check them out either their store or FB or their blogs.  They are REAL encouragers and very generous.
Do you know why I love these followers and want to hi-light about them? Simply because they are the hands that rocks the cradles and at the same time continues to give to the community globally.  So there you have it, THREE CHEERS for all of you out there! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!
Check them out:
6060 or her Etsy store

I did it! (sort of ;p) Choc Banana?

my little daughter playing with her first amigurumi; Choc Banana

Last night, I finally finished my first amigurumi; Banana Ami by Barbara S.  All in all, it took me 2.5hours to crochet this cute little banana.  Mine was no where close to the original banana pattern.  What I used?

Here is the list:
Tulip hook size 4.0mm
acrylic yarns; brown and cream color 8-10ply
embroidery needle
the free pattern of course
Allow me to share my experience working on this pattern.
I have to say choosing the right size yarn and a matching hook was a little adventure for me, as the pattern did not mention any recommended size for yarn nor hook. And me having to crochet or amigurumi on a budget was not helping either. 🙂
Nonetheless, I decided I wanted to go a little crazy: Choc Banana?  Is sure reminds us having yummy chocolate drizzles or chilled onto a piece of banana would really make us go banana!
I have to say this pattern is great for anyone who has already know the simple abbreviation of US/ Canada crochet system.  By now, I am sure you know Australia and UK have their own sets of abbreviation too.  Once you know those meanings to the abbreviation then, you are ready to hook away.
But, I have to say, since this was my first amigurumi, there were a a few instructions that I did not understand.
Nonetheless, I only need to communicate with Barbara and I will find out the meaning of those instruction. The other thing I found out is to stuff my amigurumi really …. STUFFed!!!  Then is time to seal it up.  What did I use to stuff my banana? Fiber fill Of course! LOL!
And…voila! I got my Choc Banana ready to be cuddled by my children.  This sample banana is dedicated to my youngest daughter, Nayomi.  She is only 6 months old.  Lastly, stay tune with me to see more banana coming out in a very peculiar look.

“Now all I need is a cowboy hat!”, said Choc Banana