It all started with the tiniest power called Observation and LOTs of curiosities.  A little girl watching her grandma sewing and making stacks and stacks of hexagon templates when the house is all quiet.  I am not sure if it is the serenity at that time – no more shouting and screaming in the background or children tumbling around like you are in the Land of Monkeyites; or perhaps, the pure passion of watching the scissors passing through those scrap papers to make hexagons for the next baby quilts or the beautiful music that the old sewing machine makes in the silence.  There it happened.

I am in love.  I am so in love and knew exactly what I wanted to do for my future.  I want to Inspire and Be Inspired by Creativities around me.  Not just BE creative, but brave out my creativity even when it is daunting to throw yourself out in to the unknown. (no quilts for your safety net, haha!)

My grandma? she still sews and quilts in her own creative world even if she is not known in the Land of Blogs.

This blog is a little about me and a lot about her, but how so?  Simply because she is my Inspiration.  I will never dared to hold a pair of scissors and believed that I can cut a straight line if she had never allowed me the honor seat of watching and observing her passion and power to put scrap papers and scrap cloths together and turn them in to useful piece of artwork. Or turning a an old dress into a night gown for me – Though I may never liked her color combinations, but hey!

TimeNLove42 birthed out of a seed called Be Inspired and therefore I want to continue to inspire many, many more; starting with my own household of six.  Everything takes time and love and without these two elements I won’t have inspirations let alone Create.  42 is a numeral symbol for life journey and THIS is my journey that I am sharing with you all that take time and love to journey through L I F E.  

I hope this blog can and will continue to Inspire millions and millions of people to Create and Share your passions with many millions more and then continue to BE InspireD to inspire.




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