Forgotten How to Construct My Sloper

I have been scouting for “How to build a sloper of your own”. For those of you that do not know what is a sloper, it is the utmost basic paper pattern that you will want to creat before we can even talk about designing or sewing. This basic pattern is done on some sort of hard paper. I found out that they call it tag board (oak paper) It is brown in color and very thick and sturdy so that when your mechanical pencil follows the edge of the paper it will stay on track.

And while I was in the process of scouting I came across a lot of websites and blogs, but I this particularly excites me:
Check out Turnips and Toile from Melbourne also Creating a Basic Pattern to Create Your Own Designer Clothes

Turnips mentioned something that I was really looking for; the Bunka sloper. Thanks to her, really. I will continue to explore this till I am able to create one again.  I actually bought that book (the whole set to be exact) in hope to refresh myself with pattern drafting once again.  Self taught is really not my style but, when you have 3 children all under age 6, and homeschooling you will have to look for alternative even if it is not your taste.

I shall write more and put up some more pictures to this learning process (pattern drafting)

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