My first born turning 10!

I am so excited – my first born Elisabeth is turning 10 tomorrow! I still feel like I am dreaming. How can this be? Lol! She is such a beautiful one and I kept feeling I have not done enough for her. Where did the time go? I am up thinking how can I give her the best breakfast in bed, have I checked out Pinterest photos enough? Or have I out searched Yummly app to get the best recipe and the best presentation. Oh My Goodness!
P.s breakfast in bed is our family birthday tradition.

happy happy happy birthday Lis!

20140203-230430.jpgStampinUp DSP theme timeless portrait

I love vintage and upcycling ideas. I just want to give these old guys/ girls a second or third chance to show off – let the world see that they still’ve it in them. Lol! (Before the go to the tip) Perhaps, for the minimalist and the modernist I am a hoarder, but who cares! 🙂 I love what I love 🙂
What I have done here is giving my old baking tray a facelift by lining my precious StampinUp DSP -timeless portrait theme. And she’s ready to serve again.
Because I am panicking here, I thought it would be best if I put down on paper what I am going to serve my 10 year old princess a breakfast in bed. That way I know panic attacks Are being eliminated! By Grace! Lol!

I hope to show you more tomorrow. Stay blogging.