Business vs. Desire by Maura Timko

This is truly the basis of homeschooling. Thank you for sharing.

Charlotte Mason Institute

The following blog appeared originally on the Great River Facebook page as part of a discussion about the use of digital tools in the family. It was suggested to CMI as a read that would be of interest to the Mason community.  This blog was prompted by a question to Maura Timko from Janet Pressley-Barr regarding screen time and battles related to screen time in Maura Timko’s home.  Here is her response.

Janet – I cannot answer your question briefly. I will not go into detail about what our screen time looks like now, because my boys are so much older. That is another conversation! But I can talk about how screens were handled in my home when my boys were much smaller. I think it will be more relevant to the group.

Recalling the days when my boys were in elementary school, I imposed very strict limits on their screen…

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Rewording of Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles- Part I

TOday I am totally assured. My way of understanding (of children, education and beautiful life), not I have formed or created with my own power but been presented to me like a gift of life to the unborn way back in my mother’s womb is near identical to Charlotte Mason. I love these principles and have held them close and this time even more after I stumbled upon ‘thissideofthedoor” blog via Ambleside Online. Please google the website or just google Charlotte Mason, a life worth resounding through the ages.


The longer I live with dear Charlotte and steep in her words and wisdom, the more I realize I have to learn. A Charlotte Mason style education is not an easy thing to grasp. It is not easily explainable in just a few words or a blurb in a homeschooling magazine. I’ve been studying Charlotte’s ideas for about three years now and I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface! When her ideas capture us, we must have patience with ourselves and enact her methods as we understand them and see their value in our families.

However, Leslie Noelani, one of the wonderful moderators at Ambleside Online, took it upon herself to reword Charlotte’s ’20 Principles’ for the modern reader. These 20 concepts were listed in the front of each book Charlotte published (she wrote many) and give us a very good overview of her philosophy. This is very different…

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Homeschooling and socialization

This is so amazing. Thank you for taking the time to explain the socialization part of homeschooling. I really had a hard time explaining myself that it was getting dull and almost sounding like a justification. LOL! If you get to meet my children, they are one of the best communicator for their ages. They can talk to a thirty or fifty or a 3 year old with no mess or awkwardness. It is so natural and supernatural at the same time.

HomeSchool Malaysia

Lovely well meaning people keep asking how my kids will socialize if they are homeschooled.  And I keep repeating myself.  So, I’m going to write it down here and tell them to read it because when I say it now, its so rote and practised, there isn’t any conviction 🙂

Well, in a typical week, Bern is visited once by Farhan who lives in the palatial mansion behind us.  They barely speak the same language but seem to have fun comparing what they can and cannot get away with on their bicycles.  Farhan is 8 and can cycle anything!  He has an amazing collection of bikes and can do tricks on them.  Bern can barely cycle with slightly elevated training wheels , bless his little uncoordinated soul!

At least twice a week, they play with Hannah and Sophie from further down the road.  Their games tend to be wilder, with…

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The real deal 4/2/14

I got up at 7am and I knew she is awake. Thank God today is not school reopen day. Lol! For that reason I am excited. I can imagine my ten year old princess waiting patiently for her breakfast. Now I hope I can crack this. The thrill has begun!


I think I am satisfied.
So what’s there?
Her favourite croissant from Banjo’s (one of the finest bakery in Tasmania)
Topped with one layer of butter
Steamed and quick grilled cocktail Frankfurts cut in half vertically
One Poached egg Heston Blumanthel style (super proud moment there)
Dressed with honey mustard and Japanese Mayo (family favourites)
Garnished with cilantro and spring onions finely chopped
Salt and pepper to end it

Some tomatoes and rockets on the side

Ice chocolate (just because is blooming hot today)

And a plastic glass of boring OJ (just because …)

one proud 10yo

I think she loved it to the moon and back. We loved the emphasis we put on the breakfast in bed too much! Perhaps, you may want to include that in your birthday celebration traditions!

brother and sisters are celebrating too

Ada getting grumpy why her breakfast did not look half as great

daddy being silly there!

See Red Sew Red

Well in the past post I mentioned Ruche Fabrics in Launceston Tasmania. Guess what? I bought 1.4m, very beautiful red velvet from that shop to sew my daughter a piece of cape with a hood. She reckons she will look like Snow White when she was in the jungle. I said she will look like Red Riding Hood.
I wished I had done a step by step sewing video/ photos. But I reckon I will sew another one for my little 3 year old. Perhaps, a purple next.

red cape with a hood pattern found in this Japanese Sewing pattern book

Juggling my rubber balls … will be back on Wednesday

is she tossing or juggling?  I wonder about myself too

I am so sorry but, with my children having to go to schools and me being their teacher, it is a whole lot of matters to deal with all at one time.  Yes, I homeschool my children for this time being as I am also in the midst of relocating to another land … It is just too good!  I am ReAlLy juggling my rubber balls now . . . I still see a lot of them on the floor but, the good side is they are only rubbers.  So, I am adjusting to all these and I hope to write some great tutorials and exciting pictures posted up soon.  Love lots!

The Dress Form Mystique ‹‹ textural

The Dress Form Mystique ‹‹ textural

As I am on the lookout for Bunka Dressform, I stumbled upon this very interesting blog. She gave a lot of informations on dressform. Her expereince in searching for a dressform is revealed. I think she gave us a lot of insight on buying a dressform. Whether to save money in a long run or short-term money saving purchase is all up to you, but before you consider a dummy do check this blog out. All the best in scouting!