Spectacular fashion and children’s toys?

personally challenged to sew something like that for myself

One of the Barbies depicting fashion of the 50s and 60s

 Just before I hit my head on the pillow in a cold cold night  I really want to show you this beautiful and elegant hi fashion video.  Brings back memories of myself playing with them and wishing they would stand on their own.


My 3rd Precious Gem’s birthday

I simply adore her facial expression, inquisitive, perhaps?
picture taken by her 4year old brother
I really like this look of hers when she is focusing on something; “releasing the force,” maybe?
picture taken by her 4 year old brother
So the above are a little intro of my beautiful daughter, #2 also our third baby, Nayomi.  Today we shall sing Happy Birthday to her.  She is one!  We are so thankful that the Lord has brought us thus far.  It is amazing!
Well, I was baking last night and I got the recipe through this faithful website called . . . BestRecipes. www.bestrecipes.com.au.
So this is the look of the cake; Lemon Buttermilk to be precise.  (I did some adjustment on the sugar content)
 35, 36,37 minutes and still counting

still baking in our Rinnai oven (fan force)
 well, this is the result, but not final; cooling stage
I was told to pour syrup onto it, just about now

So, I hope to show you the rest of the pictures tomorrow.  After putting some make up and color on the cake.  (Ohhh, I can’t wait)
 inside, upper page

inside, lower page
I whipped this little card; by TimeNLove42 while I was waiting for the cake to be done.  cheeky huh?
In case you are wondering what those words mean:
Dada: dad
Kar Kar: big sister (that is how Nayomi call her sister)
KoKo: big brother (she actually called him his name; Elijah)  (not encouraged, LoL)
I shall continue my story later this afternoon, so I hope you will stay in touch to check out my final presentation for my cake.
Signed off with love. 

Chapel Veil Project

Chapel veil by TimenLove42
Honestly, it took me a long time to be a able to write about this project.  This project was done back in August.  I am truly thankful and proud that I was given this project.  (isn’t the model beautiful?)  I have some photos of the process of making the veil in my flickr account but, I am not so sure how to post them on to my blog so…  At the same time, the photos are not that great… so bare with.
Before I begin the sewing process, I already had a picture in my mind.  So I put it on paper.  (But, nowadays, it is really difficult for my fingers to transfer the picture on to the sketch book)  Then, it was the fun part!… Shopping time!  🙂
I went shopping at the textiles street in Kuala Lumpur and boy, it was hot.  I finally got the softest tulle (the type whereby it just drapes)  I bought 5metres and I also bought lace approximately, 25metres. LOL!
I was happy with the lace design (very simple) but when I got home I found out that my ancient dinosaur  sewing machine can’t take that thickness.  There fore, I needed to hand stitch 25metres of lace onto the veil.  I can tell you that it was fun, errrr…may be not so fun.  LoL!
I was contemplating if I will need to attach a comb on to the veil.  Later, I found out how the bride was going to wear it under her bun (almost at the nape) my job became even simpler.  So now all I need to do is to shape the frontal piece and the back piece and sew a break between the two pieces and … Voila!  It is done.
Funny, how this sounded easier than the real process.  Hmmm… Anyone of you out there that are trying to make one for yourself or others I could be of help.  Anyhow, I do custom made veil and I ‘ll surely be happy to custom made for you out there that are getting married.  Happy Wedding

Listed my painting of my pet beagle Ruth

Oh hi there, is a great feeling to be able to check in to my blog and post something up.  Guess what?  I did it! Finally, managed to list my 1st item on my Etsy store; timeNlove42-all handmade.  What a feeling!  I feel like I want to tell it to the world.  (that’s why I am writing here, I guess!!!)
Seriously, if anyone of you know what I am talking about, the sense of achievement that I get after accomplishing what you said you want to do and did it… is awesome!
All right, I hope I will find even more time to list handmade items and actually sit for some good hours dreaming, designing, making, finishing all handmade.
By the way, if anyone of you would like me to paint your pet or draw or make it into a postcard please let me know, as I am only an email away; timenlove42@gmail.com or convo me at my Etsy store
Here is Ruth my pet, she’s a beauty!  She is a great poser!!!