Sew Shopping Shopping

Today I will be shopping for beautiful fabrics at Ruche Fabrics, opened on George Street, Launceston not too long ago. They carry beautiful fabrics from Europe and Japan. My shopping experience is going to be fun-tastic!

Three cheers to Launceston for having a great shop like this! We no longer only have that one big messy craft store to dig and dig.

Ruche Fabrics is on Facebook and website and lots of reviews on her So she should be an easy find for you.

One more thing that, I like so much about her is that she carries Japanese Sewing pattern books too. I was floored when I saw those books. I used to go online and search and search. But now….Voila! Easy peasy.

So go check her out, all you fabrics hoarders, or lovers! LOL!


Japanese Sewing Pattern Book

Well two weeks ago, I just can’t stop thinking of what project I ought to begin. That got me to searching on the Internet for Japanese Sewing Pattern books. And guess what? I bought this beautiful Japanese Children’s wear sewing book off a very famous seller on EBay. I believed no one can disagree with me her, her quality in online services, also the items on sale.
I really appreciate her beautiful lace wrapper. Also, her quick service. Thank you.

Sewing and more sewing

little pillow sewn for my one year old

I am so thrilled that I got this simple stuff done for my little one year old.  She really loved her brown polka dot pillow (but I am not showing you that piece) with all her saliva smell and tears rubbed on you can imagine how much attachment she had with her pillow.  So when this mummy wants to play heroic; trying to sew a NEW pillow, do you think she will be happy?  NO! she was crying and all when she laid down this afternoon.  Thank God not for long.  After the washing and tumble drying she will soon meet her old friend pillow once again.  Hope I did not do any eternal damage on her little heart.

introducing pillow to Nana’s Charlie the bear
 This is Nayomi’s cot. She loved all her furry friends and this guy is her first.  The banana amigurumi at the background was my first amigurumi.  Charlie the bear is making sure that Nayomi will get to know her new pink and white polka dot pillow more and more by the day.
No one can deny her love for her brown polka dot pal
 Something about all my children’s hair . . . they seemed to defy gravity for at least 1 and 1/2 years, before they give to nature course.  Every time she sees her pillow she will automatically put her left thumb in to her mouth and the rest of her fingers will be grabbing tightly to her a corner of her pillow.  Now how in the world will she ever fall in love with that pink friend.
This is after a good soak, wash and tumble dry

will there be any jealously around the cot?
Review Japanese Sewing Magazine
Japanese Sewing Pattern book for  children and mother
 I mentioned Cucito on my last post and this is the front cover of the particular copy I mentioned.  Kinokuniya sells them.  This is my first copy and I fell in love with it straight away.  Because of this copy I bought so many other copies from different publisher like FEMALE for teenagers, Mrs StyleBook, everyone’s favorite, Cotton Friend for mom and children.  The reason I got all different magazines is of course to compare the layout and illustration also not forgetting those gorgeous pictures that is printed.  It is good to find out which layout and illustrations make more sense to those who are Japanese illiterate.  That way I can work quicker and with ease.
skirt pattern picked up by me

This skirt is so simple and yet it gives me a sense of newness and live.  (just by looking at the picture) So now you understood why I got so ambitious to be cutting and sewing four sets of this pattern for my daughters and nieces.  I never realized that I actually picked up a fabric that are so similar to what the girl is wearing.  I must be so hooked in my mind that I intuitively got the such similar pattern without bringing the photo to the fabric shop at all.

Part of the Process

seam allowance of 1.5cm, ironed

reminder: cut the seam edge to 90 degree (at least according to the hemline)

inner piece for the middle frill pieces to be sewn onto

left seam sewn and irond

showing the center of this piece (feint blue line marker)

 Well, as soon as I am done sewing I will be posting the more of the process.  Right now, I find it rather slow to be posting and sewing at the same time.  Not to mention all the cooking, cleaning, tidying we all had to do for Christmas.  So Merry Christmas to all of you!  Slon-cha (cheers in Irish)

4 days to Christmas Eve-Are we ready?

Japanese 100% cotton fabric
 I do not know about you, but I often ask myself this question, “Kelly, do you like to burn midnight oil?,” and more than often the answer is YES!  As crazy as it sound, I like the pressure and thrill of it all.  But, I can assure you I do not want to stay this way forever.  Anyway, the fabric above is going be cut for four girls.  Two for my beautiful girls and two for my nieces.  I am so excited that I am going to meet them in a month’s time.  Yes! they are coming from Tasmania, Australia.  When we finally relocated over there, I sure hope I can get all these beautiful japanese 100% cotton to sew, more gorgeous clothes.

Japanese 100% cotton fabric cut and ready to sew

All done cutting I hope that I can read the illustration in the Cucito Japanese Sewing Magazine, (fat_connection is selling this) with little to zero error.  Mind you this is my first time sewing something from a japanese magazine and I am really excited.  (and this crazy me was so ambitious that I cut 4 set with 4 different sizes) So wish me all the best.  Shall post more pictures once they are all done.  Cheers!

got my cookies ready too… down to the barrel’s bottom
 Well, if you are anything like my children, this is what you will find in your pantry.  Almost gone.  We were baking cookies for tonight’s market and as they were baking and packing they were also eating.  I should have taken pictures of them munching away.  I love them.  The way children work . . . with 100% joy 100% passion!  Gotto learn more off them.  Well, these are the slight burnt cookies due to one of the kitchen warrior’s mistake; turning the timer wrongly.  But, hey we get to put them in our tummy.  Enjoy!
kitchen warrior, Lissy got them ready for the evening market, how sweet

check it out…cookies all wrapped up
Yes! Can you feel the vibe?  It is all about the Christmas vibe.  Hahahaha… I am so thrilled and I certainly can’t wait for this evening to come.  I am truly grateful to all my children including the 1 year old little bub loving our homemade cookies.  All glory to Jesus.  Cheers!

steaming my Christmas Plum Pudding
How many of you would agree with me that Christmas without Christmas Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce it is just not christmas-sy enough.  I just cannot resist the sweetness of all those fruit soaked in my brandy sauce ready to be enjoyed with the warmth of families and friends,… and the laughter and sharing photos… mama mia!  It is the whole package indeed.  If you are anything like my family (Asian families) food is the link to bind everyone in unity.  If you have anything to share about how you are preparing for your Christmas please do write comments below.  Cheers!

1st Book Review-Fundamentals of Garment Design #1

the first book in this series
I noticed so many people bragged about this book and I do not think I can get passed it.  So I bought the entire set.  (set of 5)  I have been reading this book and I was floored by the accuracy that they are aiming.  And they are still refining their research and technique in pattern drafting and dressmaking.  Awesome found I think.  If you are wondering, I got mind from Kinokuniya, Kuala Lumpur.  I am 100% sure that you can order this in any Kinokuniya outlet.  This book is published by Bunka Publishing Bureau; 2009.  Pretty neat.
You will find the first topic is about all the good stuff; history and origin and then it goes on to materials and tools.  Then it will go to measurement, and so on…  This book is a MUST BUY if you like their Mrs. StyleBook Pattern Magazine.  I can’t wait for my Mrs. Stylebook Mag to arrive in Kuala Lumpur this coming February.
Next, I will be posting about sewing notions and all the gadgets for those of you that are like me; being a gadget geek.
Stay tune.  Love you all!
psss… by the way, Sewtawdry blog about this book and a few others that I have read but, forgotten whereabout.  So check it out

stumbled on to new gem … the beauty of blogging

Hi there, how is it going everyone?  I want to apologize for not updating as consistent as I REALLY REALLY desire to.  Well, enough said, … there is this lady that I stumbled upon two days ago (or so) and she is none other than Retro Mummy.  Well, she is from Australia and I found something very unique about her; an australian using oriental/ Japanese sewing magazine and patterns.  How beautiful!

I am only starting to use Japanese sewing patterns and I am learning so much through (only) the illustrations and photos detailing.  It is spectacular!  They are genius, I must admit.  The reason for me to start using them only about now is because of the myth I have been carrying in my mind:- You cannot read japanese there fore do not bother about japanese sewing pattern drafting magazines.

Bt, Jo, my mom in law (thanks to her) was encouraging me and showing me how easy to understand them just by studying the pictures.  Believe me, they are thorough!  Meticulous indeed.

So you out there who are once fearful you can be sure, if Westerner are using them; then everyone can use them despite of language proficiency.

Wait, that was not where I was heading.  I really want you all out there to meet Retro Mummy for sure.  Her website are very informative and cool.  I know all women would fall in love with her blog.  Check it out!

Are you familiar with the name Rosalie Quilan?  Well, that’s what she intend to giveaway; fabrics by Rosalie Quilan.

At the moment, retro mummy is having a fabulous give away and I trust ABSOLUTELY NONE OF YOU would want to miss this give away.  Hurry hurry mates!