Spectacular fashion and children’s toys?

personally challenged to sew something like that for myself

One of the Barbies depicting fashion of the 50s and 60s

 Just before I hit my head on the pillow in a cold cold night  I really want to show you this beautiful and elegant hi fashion video.  Brings back memories of myself playing with them and wishing they would stand on their own.


1st Book Review-Fundamentals of Garment Design #1

the first book in this series
I noticed so many people bragged about this book and I do not think I can get passed it.  So I bought the entire set.  (set of 5)  I have been reading this book and I was floored by the accuracy that they are aiming.  And they are still refining their research and technique in pattern drafting and dressmaking.  Awesome found I think.  If you are wondering, I got mind from Kinokuniya, Kuala Lumpur.  I am 100% sure that you can order this in any Kinokuniya outlet.  This book is published by Bunka Publishing Bureau; 2009.  Pretty neat.
You will find the first topic is about all the good stuff; history and origin and then it goes on to materials and tools.  Then it will go to measurement, and so on…  This book is a MUST BUY if you like their Mrs. StyleBook Pattern Magazine.  I can’t wait for my Mrs. Stylebook Mag to arrive in Kuala Lumpur this coming February.
Next, I will be posting about sewing notions and all the gadgets for those of you that are like me; being a gadget geek.
Stay tune.  Love you all!
psss… by the way, Sewtawdry blog about this book and a few others that I have read but, forgotten whereabout.  So check it out

Teaching Skirt for Ballerinas

Months ago, I took on a project to sew a teaching skirt for a ballerina and honestly it was a lot of fun.  I enjoyed the colors of the fabric.  Some people get turned on when they look at designs, but I get all hyped up whenever I see beautiful and high quality fabrics.
I would also like to blog on how I did this chiffon wrap and tie skirt for this beautiful teacher.
Firstly, I got her waist and length measurement of course.  Then I figured out the curve of the hem.  Later,  I would need to send the piece for hemming; baby hem.  It is very cheap to do hemming here in Kuala Lumpur.  Lastly, I sewed up the waistline with matching ribbon binding.
Below is a link of all the pictures of the skirt.