Turkish Monkey

I am missing my cymbal
I crochet this Turkish guy for my son, Elijah as a gift for him on his last birthday.  I did not manage to post this up as Monkey has not arrived to his hometown, Istanbul.  So, there you go… he is home and proudly showing off his homeland to you all.
As I have posted about this book I bought from NeedleNoodles  called the Creepy Cute and I really love that book due to the pattern diagram they have (just like those in the Japanese Crochet Book).  I am getting alot out of those diagrams since a diagram is flat compare to language (words).  An Asian reading the words and an American reading the words could mean all very differently.  So, I am very thankful for all those pattern diagram.

Books and Hooks

Guess what??? I got myself a good bargain for book and hooks.  I am sure most of you out there has heard of bookdepository.co.uk and you got that right!  I have search for few a ways to get books sent to Malaysia and this is still the most affordable by far.  (more than affordable) The service is fast and the fact that it also accepts Paypal which is a great plus to online shoppers in these days.  I was so happy that I could count the days for the book to arrive, meaning they are efficient.  Thank God!
The feeling of getting your book that you have been waiting for, and when you see it in the mail,… Voila, Awesome!!!
This is the book I bought:

one of a kind book by, needlenoodles
Well, as for my hooks, I got them from ebay.  Shall put a picture on this.  But, believe me I got them CHEAP!  Absolutely no doubt about them!  So type crochet hooks on Ebay and check them out.

I did it! (sort of ;p) Choc Banana?

my little daughter playing with her first amigurumi; Choc Banana

Last night, I finally finished my first amigurumi; Banana Ami by Barbara S.  All in all, it took me 2.5hours to crochet this cute little banana.  Mine was no where close to the original banana pattern.  What I used?

Here is the list:
Tulip hook size 4.0mm
acrylic yarns; brown and cream color 8-10ply
embroidery needle
the free pattern of course
Allow me to share my experience working on this pattern.
I have to say choosing the right size yarn and a matching hook was a little adventure for me, as the pattern did not mention any recommended size for yarn nor hook. And me having to crochet or amigurumi on a budget was not helping either. 🙂
Nonetheless, I decided I wanted to go a little crazy: Choc Banana?  Is sure reminds us having yummy chocolate drizzles or chilled onto a piece of banana would really make us go banana!
I have to say this pattern is great for anyone who has already know the simple abbreviation of US/ Canada crochet system.  By now, I am sure you know Australia and UK have their own sets of abbreviation too.  Once you know those meanings to the abbreviation then, you are ready to hook away.
But, I have to say, since this was my first amigurumi, there were a a few instructions that I did not understand.
Nonetheless, I only need to communicate with Barbara and I will find out the meaning of those instruction. The other thing I found out is to stuff my amigurumi really …. STUFFed!!!  Then is time to seal it up.  What did I use to stuff my banana? Fiber fill Of course! LOL!
And…voila! I got my Choc Banana ready to be cuddled by my children.  This sample banana is dedicated to my youngest daughter, Nayomi.  She is only 6 months old.  Lastly, stay tune with me to see more banana coming out in a very peculiar look.

“Now all I need is a cowboy hat!”, said Choc Banana

Learning to blog

Hi there!

Wow! It is a very new scope of things-blogging.  (for me anyway, I have been going to sites upon sites (almost giving up) regarding how to blog and beautify your blogspot… until I found this great website.  Now you may ask what is so great about this website?  Are you ready?  Because it is free!!!!
How believe me I am not a cheapskate but, at the moment finance is in a constraint so I want to get anything possible for FREE!  Thanks to this website that specifically asked for Blogger otherwise I would have given up.  Go check it out people!
URL below: