Sharing my learning curve with you-Gadget #1 and #2

Father Christmas came early today. . . my great finds for today
Well, early this morning I got out of the house, left my children (3 o f them) with my mom in law (that was precious) took a train to downtown China Town, Kuala Lumpur, (great place to shop when you are not with your children) and got myself two of this ruler, by Clover.  (I love Clover, may be the Irish in me; Shamrock)  {Often, I do wonder why they use that shamrock as their logo)
This ruler is not just any ruler.  They have so many benefits:
For starters, they are clear plastic.
2) Plastic means flexible; I even use it to measure around armsyce as I carefully following the line.
3) The lines are in red.  I know they are as good as C-Thru Ruler from the States, (I bought like 4 of them, once a upon a time) but now that I have moved on to learning pattern drafting by the Japanese I have no choice but, to measure up in centimeter.  It is not so accurate for me having to convert the calculations from imperial to metric.
4) It also has the 45 degree angle line on it.  So bias measuring, drafting and cutting is now made easy.
5) It has this green band across the other edge of the ruler.  Again, I do wonder why.  That’s the trouble of not reading Japanese.  (Need my hubby’s help here, but he is asleep)   Can you tell already, the passion I have for this ruler?    My passion overtook the feeling of foolishness.  That’s awesome.
6)It also break down the increments of .01cm or 1mm.  So it is really accurate.
7) A hole has been punch on one side for you to hang your ruler.  But I think I can use it as a compass.  Marking a circular skirt.

If you know anymore great benefits of having this particular ruler do share here.  Greatly appreciate.  I know MissCelie’spants loves her Japanese findings too.  Someday, I am going to blog about her.  I have the same passion for German products as I have with the Japanese product.  They have one thing in common; precision in producing high quality products.
Alright, enough said.  The next thing I received was this book or magbook on the left of the picture above from my sweet hubby; How to set up an online business’.  Ahhhh!!! Just the tool I needed to add on to my sleeves.  Thank you so much!  I feel like I need to be romantic about it now.  Or shall I at least romanticize the product a little more?  Ok.  It was a REAL surprise, indeed.  He knew that I am seriously thinking of putting this blogging and sewing passion to another level.  Thanks to all you out there that have been encouraging me so much.  
When I saw this beautiful cover, I knew I am gonna be successful finish reading it for starter.  (sorry, but I am a person who DOES JUDGE a book by its cover)  I do feel bad for myself and the book sometimes.  If only I could learn NOT to do that.  Well, the inside of the book are even more fascinating to me.  (very me)  That’s the kind of feeling I get with it.  It is very important to me, that we clicked.  Beautiful layout.  It looked like a magazine and serious enough to be treated as a entrepreneur resource book.  Name chosen right; Magbook.  Very cheeky.  
So, I am gonna be reading it and sharing info from this book, by grace, reviewing it with you, my faithful followers.
signing out now.