Spectacular fashion and children’s toys?

personally challenged to sew something like that for myself

One of the Barbies depicting fashion of the 50s and 60s

 Just before I hit my head on the pillow in a cold cold night  I really want to show you this beautiful and elegant hi fashion video.  Brings back memories of myself playing with them and wishing they would stand on their own.


Japanese Sewing Pattern Book

Well two weeks ago, I just can’t stop thinking of what project I ought to begin. That got me to searching on the Internet for Japanese Sewing Pattern books. And guess what? I bought this beautiful Japanese Children’s wear sewing book off a very famous seller on EBay. I believed no one can disagree with me her, her quality in online services, also the items on sale.
I really appreciate her beautiful lace wrapper. Also, her quick service. Thank you.

My 3rd Precious Gem’s birthday

I simply adore her facial expression, inquisitive, perhaps?
picture taken by her 4year old brother
I really like this look of hers when she is focusing on something; “releasing the force,” maybe?
picture taken by her 4 year old brother
So the above are a little intro of my beautiful daughter, #2 also our third baby, Nayomi.  Today we shall sing Happy Birthday to her.  She is one!  We are so thankful that the Lord has brought us thus far.  It is amazing!
Well, I was baking last night and I got the recipe through this faithful website called . . . BestRecipes. www.bestrecipes.com.au.
So this is the look of the cake; Lemon Buttermilk to be precise.  (I did some adjustment on the sugar content)
 35, 36,37 minutes and still counting

still baking in our Rinnai oven (fan force)
 well, this is the result, but not final; cooling stage
I was told to pour syrup onto it, just about now

So, I hope to show you the rest of the pictures tomorrow.  After putting some make up and color on the cake.  (Ohhh, I can’t wait)
 inside, upper page

inside, lower page
I whipped this little card; by TimeNLove42 while I was waiting for the cake to be done.  cheeky huh?
In case you are wondering what those words mean:
Dada: dad
Kar Kar: big sister (that is how Nayomi call her sister)
KoKo: big brother (she actually called him his name; Elijah)  (not encouraged, LoL)
I shall continue my story later this afternoon, so I hope you will stay in touch to check out my final presentation for my cake.
Signed off with love. 

who is she?


I am a Stay At Home Mom; S@HM who simply love to be with her children MOST of the time. LOL!!! Plus, I am happily married to my awesome and sexy husband, Victor. My children are Elisabeth (6), Elijah (4), and Nayomi (9 months). The feelings are great! Being with them really helps me to keep my creative juice fully charged.
I have always been an artist, crafter and designer as young as I knew how to hold a pair of scissors. If you have a creative granny like mind you would be artistic too. She is an illiterate and that really what made her a genius! Not having gone to fashion school or sewing classes she knew how to pattern draft and make clothes and blankets for us all! This page is a tribute to her! (thanks grandma Carol) 
Artist? Yes, as I was saying I have always love to draw most things except animals; just don’t do justice to them if I have to be the one to draw them. I love to draw and paint scenery, still life, portraits, abstract painting etc. Designer? Oh, that too! I knew I wanted to be a designer at the age of nine. And since then, I just illustrate and illustrate and illustrate. Every text book of mine will definitely have some sort of fashion figures staring right back at you if you open them. 

After we have Elisabeth, all I wanted to do was to focus my live in to her life and there just do not seemed to have any room in my head to draw, paint and design. So I thought to myself that I needed some sort of work that I can bring with me to my bed or by her side and still focus on both passion at one time. Because I am so creative in these area, crafting was the answer to my dilemma. Crafter? really? Truly! I love anything handmade. I have always been a creative and happy crafter! Knitting was my first passion on the list. And that was the first crafting idea that I can bring to my bedside or her bedside while she is taking her nap. I enjoyed every single minute of those peaceful crafting time.
But now, I am obsessed with more than one type of skill. Since I have three lovely children my creativity level has rise more than I ever dreamed to be. The children are truly my inspiration to my world of creativity’s. They gave me reasons to continue to create So I knit for my husband, sister, children and others. I made jewelries for fundraising, self, and gifts to family and friends.
The trouble is I get turned on too quickly whenever I see a piece of handmade masterpiece. ” Ooo I wanna learn that!” That is always the first respond the self get. So what am I into now? – Amigurumi!!!!

They are so cute! You just want to made them all and give them to all the cuties in the world. So, I’ve decided to give amigurumi a try. The first book I bought for myself was the Creepy Cute by Noodles through Book Depository.co.uk. (very good: free shipping) My son fell in love with the monkey, who doesn’t right? 
I shall show you my finished product soon. 
Honestly, that is really what I enjoyed being a mom. Since I am a creative person whatever I do like to do I turned them into a class for them. Of course when I want my own project done I gotto do them when they are not around. Hahaha!!! Due to their passion in art and craft (thanks to me), I had no choice but to TRY and finish my project while they are asleep and it worked for me, sometimes. LOLZ!
In the beginning, it was rather hard to part my project and teach my children their art project, but as I went along and time helped me to feeling more at ease to leave my project behind till late at night.

So in summary what do I like being a creative mom with lots of passion for handmade?

Well, for starter, I get to bless my children and family with productive time. My children was able to learn from me the meaning of industrialism and love all in one lesson. Handmade are special because there are no one identical product in a row no matter how you try to follow the pattern given. Secondly, I have caused my generations to appreciate hand skills and handmade. They can bless their friends with beautiful gifts of love.
Thirdly, they understood that having to make beautiful things need to put time and love in to them. This kind of satisfaction (when you see the finished products); no money can buy. It’s invaluable.


I really hope that in times to come I would be able to post more and more on to my blog. Also, hope to sell my own amigurumi patterns and other crafts for sure. Eventually, making video tutorials. XD

Finally, I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed posting!
See you soon, somewhere in the universe.

Kuala Lumpur, WP, Malaysia

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