Spectacular fashion and children’s toys?

personally challenged to sew something like that for myself

One of the Barbies depicting fashion of the 50s and 60s

 Just before I hit my head on the pillow in a cold cold night  I really want to show you this beautiful and elegant hi fashion video.  Brings back memories of myself playing with them and wishing they would stand on their own.


Sew Shopping Shopping

Today I will be shopping for beautiful fabrics at Ruche Fabrics, opened on George Street, Launceston not too long ago. They carry beautiful fabrics from Europe and Japan. My shopping experience is going to be fun-tastic!

Three cheers to Launceston for having a great shop like this! We no longer only have that one big messy craft store to dig and dig.

Ruche Fabrics is on Facebook and website and lots of reviews on her So she should be an easy find for you.

One more thing that, I like so much about her is that she carries Japanese Sewing pattern books too. I was floored when I saw those books. I used to go online and search and search. But now….Voila! Easy peasy.

So go check her out, all you fabrics hoarders, or lovers! LOL!

My yellow submarine is reappearing…

Hi followers and lovers of all handmade,  I have been away for a long long time now, and I finally have good strength to write again.  So sorry to all of you that was following me for sometime now.  Please forgive me for disappointing you friends.

Now that I am back, I want to celebrate with you what I did this afternoon:
Sourdough Bread!!

Yes, this is entirely homemade and handmade (no miracle, or life changing machine involved here) sourdough breads.  And my entire family and friends are loving it.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to Andrea Ferguson for giving me the starter and from there I need to treat it like a pet (living pet).  She also gave me a very good ratio to mix the bread and the whole granny story on how to look after my Holly (my pet)

Well, I must say this journey was not easy as I live in a very cold area in Tasmania.  This success came very close to giving up the whole idea of making my own bread and crepe and what not!

upclose and personal with my Holly after being in the tanning bed for 1 hour

Holly #1, Holly #2 and all the way to Holly #5

trying out my artistic side of photographing

loaf form from Tupperware; with the recipe below I yielded a good five loaves.  
(I love how it comes off clean)

Sourdough 101

1)Sourdough dislike cold places.  (can’t grow well or rise)

2)that just mean Sourdough loves heat.  Grows really well in the summer

3)Sourdough dislike metal surfaces touching it.

4)Sourdough loves plastic, wooden made, glass or ceramic bowls or spoons.

After three attempts I now have a 100% success rate and I would love to share my tips with you:

How to look after your pet (Sourdough)

Firstly, you need to be ready to have a new pet in your kitchen.

Be sure to give time to look after it like you would look after a goldfish? dog? lol!!! (since, we are going to take care of it we might as well give this thing a name) My son gave it a name and a type too; Holly the Sourdough Dinosaur.  (I was laughing out loud when he gave me that whole story)
After we have build an emotional attachment to our sourdough we are well and truly ready to begin.

Feed pet with even amount of flour and water (the amount of repetition really depends on how much you will be using)

If you do not bake a lot then, my suggestion would be just before you want to use it (bake it) and keep the rest of it in the fridge for 7 days.  (that way, your pet is hibernating and does not require any feeding during the 7 days)
Reminder: Being in the fridge ONLY means the process is being slowdown.  So feed your pet after 7 days


You may want to feed your pet once a day on a daily basis.  (your pet will certainly grow really heaps, Be careful that you may well and truly create a monster pet! LOL!  This style of feeding is mainly for families that eats only sourdough bread and you have a heap of recipes using sourdough as a main ingredient.

For both methods please make a blanket for your pet and be sure to change your pet’s sleeping area (container) once a month.  WE want to have a clean area for your pet to grow.  LOL!

Sourdough Bread Recipe

4 cups of sourdough (pet)
6 cups of water
13 cups of flour
salt to taste

Mix starter and water.
Add 6 cups of flour and mix well, with your hand.
Add the rest of the flour and salt and mix with your hand again.  (very sticky so I suggest that you use only one hand as your other hand might be useful to pick up a phone call or a bubba)
When it is all mixed well, leave in the big bowl overnight in fridge.
The next day put it in pans or free form.
Leave it on the bench top for the day (be sure where you leave her has a lot of heat) and covered with a wet tea towel.
Once you see your pet double in size you know that it is ready to be put in the oven.
Depending on ovens, I have my oven turned up to 150C for 1hr.
Beat the bread like a drum and you should look for that drum sound.  And it is cooked.
Andrea’s oven is turned to 180C to cook for 40mins.

As I mentioned earlier, I live in a very cold area so I omitted the step where I had to put the sourdough in the fridge after I mixed it up.  It fact I need to crank up my heater just to see it double in size.  So have a go and try what suits you bestest.

Hope you like this recipe and will try it.  Do let me know how you find your pet and how you like this recipe.  Enjoy life!

Turkish Monkey

I am missing my cymbal
I crochet this Turkish guy for my son, Elijah as a gift for him on his last birthday.  I did not manage to post this up as Monkey has not arrived to his hometown, Istanbul.  So, there you go… he is home and proudly showing off his homeland to you all.
As I have posted about this book I bought from NeedleNoodles  called the Creepy Cute and I really love that book due to the pattern diagram they have (just like those in the Japanese Crochet Book).  I am getting alot out of those diagrams since a diagram is flat compare to language (words).  An Asian reading the words and an American reading the words could mean all very differently.  So, I am very thankful for all those pattern diagram.

Tiered Skirt from Cucito Magazine

frontal tiered skirt for my 6 year old daughter
close up of tiered hem at 1 cm

hem of skirt

gathers on tiered skirt

frontal view length: 34.5cm
tiered and gathered; three tiers

I want to be honest with you: I am very proud that I managed to finish this project with zero understanding of Japanese words.  I am sure this statement has given the highest credit to the Japanese Craft Books in the market globally.  I read so many blogs across the globe and they all say the same thing.  “You do not need to know Japanese Language to be able to sew, so long you are a crafter or seamstress or know and understand basic sewing skills and techniques.

Nonetheless, I did owe purlbee and movinghands a lot of credit too.  Thank you so much to these people that TOOK their PreciOUS time to blog on Japanese Sewing/ Crafting terminology to the whole world.  Thank you so Sew much.

Good bye 2010? already?

Good bye, already?  I do not even know if I am ready to say good bye to 2010, yet?
It was such a good year and I still feel like there are a lot to do, but still the clock ticks without my permission.
I am really thankful for this year because I have done lots by leaps of faith not by sight.   Plus not worrying the results ahead.  And I truly like this better.
I am thankful that this year I started my Etsy.com Shop and this blog everything about handmade. (brutally truthful) I just can’t dedicate myself to ONLY one craft (too much that interest me).  I love too much handmade or I love handmade too much, from baking to sewing, from blogging to knitting, from origami to amigurumi and the list just never ends.
I am still finding lots of ways to mix all the skills together (at least two) in one project at all times, but it takes load of time.  I am very proud of a lot of mama bloggers out there that does their blog so well despite of family/ children, running arounds, schools and so much more other commitment apart from updating all the lovely followers.
So here, I am going to name them (a few) to say thank you for encouraging me to start my blog and my Etsy and starting my website soon.  LOL!  (really want to):-
Dawn my faithful follower
wai sam ho my faithful follower
Creative Little Daisy
and the list still goes on . . . cannot think of all of you in one sitting, afterall you are global!
I am truly serious, without you all, I would have not done it this year.

Thank you so much to my family especially my hubby whoeverso faithful in supporting me even when I failed so many times in so many ways.  
Thank you to all my children who never stopped being there for me, modelling, food tasting, sous-chef, cleaner, and a whole lot.  I will certainly miss my eldest daughter as she will be going to Primary One next year.  That is why I said to Hubby, that I constantly need a 3 year old in the house because they are the best helper and they grow up us too quickly.

GIGANTIC  thank yous to all of you and those I forgotten to mention! 
p.s: Now I am wondering if I could close this year with
a BiG Japanese Buffet-eat all u can
So have you any idea what your 2011 will be like?  (on a rough scale) or what are you expecting to happen for you, your family, your work, your friends, social networking, business ventures and opportunities, and etc.  I know I have LOTS!
I am relocating down south and I am really excited, so you know what level of business is ahead of me.  (I bestow upon myself, hahahahah) Is a good business though.  I know I will be very busy leading a bunch of young children, (my favorite) one thing I enjoy retromummy’s blog is her joy and enthusiasm for her children and her church and I truly share that common ground.  (Thank you Corrie S.)
Let’s see . . . what else is ahead of me?  Yes, more business and blogging time, creating more clothes from Japanese Sewing Pattern Book like Mrs. StyleBook, getting a new Juki Sewing Machine (liken a BMW to me) and shipping my entire home to South and last but  not least is going back to pattern drafting and sewing classes.  YES! Hallelujah!

Still kicking away. . . ;p

I have not forgotten to write, but it is really tough to juggle everything at one time.  Yesterday, June and I was grocery shopping away from 10 till 4pm with a 30 minutes break in between.  Thankfully enough the weather was so beautiful.  Thank you Heaven above!  🙂  After we came home, June had to go straight out the door to work and I had to keep all the grocery away PLUS bake a big batch of GINGERSNAPS.  It was SOO fun.
I had so much to write and share with you girls, about yesterday and the day before yesterday, and so much pictures needed to be uploaded but, there is not enough time to do it all.  So sorry gals, I believe I need to do a delayed post.  Nonetheless, here are some great work from TimenLove42.  Merry Christmas to ye’ll!
Dad must be great at creating little “Adams”

Lis getting some ‘eyes’ out of the bag; my super designer

I guess God was also choosing what eyes and hearts to put onto Adam when He made him

and he is on the roll…

I sure hope they are not preparing to run, run as fast as they can, cause they are the …

and so they are trapped, icing sprinkled they cannot runaway

“Let’s build us an army now,”

how about another close up

My Parcel haS ARRiVED!

everyone’s favorite; none other than Dorothy Moore’s Pattern Drafting Book

all around the world from U.S of A
Dorothy Moore’s Pattern Drafting Book
Let me reveal just a little secret of mine.  A week ago, I’ve got on to Ebay and bid for this wonderful book (i think it is out of print)  And… I won!  (Sorry, too excited)  My hubby was so thrilled for me as he received this on my behalf this morning.  (I have yet to even leave a feedback for this fella and I am telling you all now)  Seriously, if you can still find this copy, Do Not give it UP! I managed to save some money bidding on Ebay so go get yours now.  

more blogs coming up after this beautiful celebration is all over

shell button kit

crocodile hair clip

Next year I hope to continue to share with you more gadgets that I find useful as I plot through my self taught pattern drafting course.  Also, sharing with you this new product that I am working on right now.  Cheers and once again Merry Christmas.

Sewing and more sewing

little pillow sewn for my one year old

I am so thrilled that I got this simple stuff done for my little one year old.  She really loved her brown polka dot pillow (but I am not showing you that piece) with all her saliva smell and tears rubbed on you can imagine how much attachment she had with her pillow.  So when this mummy wants to play heroic; trying to sew a NEW pillow, do you think she will be happy?  NO! she was crying and all when she laid down this afternoon.  Thank God not for long.  After the washing and tumble drying she will soon meet her old friend pillow once again.  Hope I did not do any eternal damage on her little heart.

introducing pillow to Nana’s Charlie the bear
 This is Nayomi’s cot. She loved all her furry friends and this guy is her first.  The banana amigurumi at the background was my first amigurumi.  Charlie the bear is making sure that Nayomi will get to know her new pink and white polka dot pillow more and more by the day.
No one can deny her love for her brown polka dot pal
 Something about all my children’s hair . . . they seemed to defy gravity for at least 1 and 1/2 years, before they give to nature course.  Every time she sees her pillow she will automatically put her left thumb in to her mouth and the rest of her fingers will be grabbing tightly to her a corner of her pillow.  Now how in the world will she ever fall in love with that pink friend.
This is after a good soak, wash and tumble dry

will there be any jealously around the cot?
Review Japanese Sewing Magazine
Japanese Sewing Pattern book for  children and mother
 I mentioned Cucito on my last post and this is the front cover of the particular copy I mentioned.  Kinokuniya sells them.  This is my first copy and I fell in love with it straight away.  Because of this copy I bought so many other copies from different publisher like FEMALE for teenagers, Mrs StyleBook, everyone’s favorite, Cotton Friend for mom and children.  The reason I got all different magazines is of course to compare the layout and illustration also not forgetting those gorgeous pictures that is printed.  It is good to find out which layout and illustrations make more sense to those who are Japanese illiterate.  That way I can work quicker and with ease.
skirt pattern picked up by me

This skirt is so simple and yet it gives me a sense of newness and live.  (just by looking at the picture) So now you understood why I got so ambitious to be cutting and sewing four sets of this pattern for my daughters and nieces.  I never realized that I actually picked up a fabric that are so similar to what the girl is wearing.  I must be so hooked in my mind that I intuitively got the such similar pattern without bringing the photo to the fabric shop at all.

Part of the Process

seam allowance of 1.5cm, ironed

reminder: cut the seam edge to 90 degree (at least according to the hemline)

inner piece for the middle frill pieces to be sewn onto

left seam sewn and irond

showing the center of this piece (feint blue line marker)

 Well, as soon as I am done sewing I will be posting the more of the process.  Right now, I find it rather slow to be posting and sewing at the same time.  Not to mention all the cooking, cleaning, tidying we all had to do for Christmas.  So Merry Christmas to all of you!  Slon-cha (cheers in Irish)

4 days to Christmas Eve-Are we ready?

Japanese 100% cotton fabric
 I do not know about you, but I often ask myself this question, “Kelly, do you like to burn midnight oil?,” and more than often the answer is YES!  As crazy as it sound, I like the pressure and thrill of it all.  But, I can assure you I do not want to stay this way forever.  Anyway, the fabric above is going be cut for four girls.  Two for my beautiful girls and two for my nieces.  I am so excited that I am going to meet them in a month’s time.  Yes! they are coming from Tasmania, Australia.  When we finally relocated over there, I sure hope I can get all these beautiful japanese 100% cotton to sew, more gorgeous clothes.

Japanese 100% cotton fabric cut and ready to sew

All done cutting I hope that I can read the illustration in the Cucito Japanese Sewing Magazine, (fat_connection is selling this) with little to zero error.  Mind you this is my first time sewing something from a japanese magazine and I am really excited.  (and this crazy me was so ambitious that I cut 4 set with 4 different sizes) So wish me all the best.  Shall post more pictures once they are all done.  Cheers!

got my cookies ready too… down to the barrel’s bottom
 Well, if you are anything like my children, this is what you will find in your pantry.  Almost gone.  We were baking cookies for tonight’s market and as they were baking and packing they were also eating.  I should have taken pictures of them munching away.  I love them.  The way children work . . . with 100% joy 100% passion!  Gotto learn more off them.  Well, these are the slight burnt cookies due to one of the kitchen warrior’s mistake; turning the timer wrongly.  But, hey we get to put them in our tummy.  Enjoy!
kitchen warrior, Lissy got them ready for the evening market, how sweet

check it out…cookies all wrapped up
Yes! Can you feel the vibe?  It is all about the Christmas vibe.  Hahahaha… I am so thrilled and I certainly can’t wait for this evening to come.  I am truly grateful to all my children including the 1 year old little bub loving our homemade cookies.  All glory to Jesus.  Cheers!

steaming my Christmas Plum Pudding
How many of you would agree with me that Christmas without Christmas Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce it is just not christmas-sy enough.  I just cannot resist the sweetness of all those fruit soaked in my brandy sauce ready to be enjoyed with the warmth of families and friends,… and the laughter and sharing photos… mama mia!  It is the whole package indeed.  If you are anything like my family (Asian families) food is the link to bind everyone in unity.  If you have anything to share about how you are preparing for your Christmas please do write comments below.  Cheers!