Rewording of Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles- Part I

TOday I am totally assured. My way of understanding (of children, education and beautiful life), not I have formed or created with my own power but been presented to me like a gift of life to the unborn way back in my mother’s womb is near identical to Charlotte Mason. I love these principles and have held them close and this time even more after I stumbled upon ‘thissideofthedoor” blog via Ambleside Online. Please google the website or just google Charlotte Mason, a life worth resounding through the ages.


The longer I live with dear Charlotte and steep in her words and wisdom, the more I realize I have to learn. A Charlotte Mason style education is not an easy thing to grasp. It is not easily explainable in just a few words or a blurb in a homeschooling magazine. I’ve been studying Charlotte’s ideas for about three years now and I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface! When her ideas capture us, we must have patience with ourselves and enact her methods as we understand them and see their value in our families.

However, Leslie Noelani, one of the wonderful moderators at Ambleside Online, took it upon herself to reword Charlotte’s ’20 Principles’ for the modern reader. These 20 concepts were listed in the front of each book Charlotte published (she wrote many) and give us a very good overview of her philosophy. This is very different…

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