The real deal 4/2/14

I got up at 7am and I knew she is awake. Thank God today is not school reopen day. Lol! For that reason I am excited. I can imagine my ten year old princess waiting patiently for her breakfast. Now I hope I can crack this. The thrill has begun!


I think I am satisfied.
So what’s there?
Her favourite croissant from Banjo’s (one of the finest bakery in Tasmania)
Topped with one layer of butter
Steamed and quick grilled cocktail Frankfurts cut in half vertically
One Poached egg Heston Blumanthel style (super proud moment there)
Dressed with honey mustard and Japanese Mayo (family favourites)
Garnished with cilantro and spring onions finely chopped
Salt and pepper to end it

Some tomatoes and rockets on the side

Ice chocolate (just because is blooming hot today)

And a plastic glass of boring OJ (just because …)

one proud 10yo

I think she loved it to the moon and back. We loved the emphasis we put on the breakfast in bed too much! Perhaps, you may want to include that in your birthday celebration traditions!

brother and sisters are celebrating too

Ada getting grumpy why her breakfast did not look half as great

daddy being silly there!


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