Tiered Skirt from Cucito Magazine

frontal tiered skirt for my 6 year old daughter
close up of tiered hem at 1 cm

hem of skirt

gathers on tiered skirt

frontal view length: 34.5cm
tiered and gathered; three tiers

I want to be honest with you: I am very proud that I managed to finish this project with zero understanding of Japanese words.  I am sure this statement has given the highest credit to the Japanese Craft Books in the market globally.  I read so many blogs across the globe and they all say the same thing.  “You do not need to know Japanese Language to be able to sew, so long you are a crafter or seamstress or know and understand basic sewing skills and techniques.

Nonetheless, I did owe purlbee and movinghands a lot of credit too.  Thank you so much to these people that TOOK their PreciOUS time to blog on Japanese Sewing/ Crafting terminology to the whole world.  Thank you so Sew much.


3 thoughts on “Tiered Skirt from Cucito Magazine

  1. hello, which Japanese website that you refer to? We love this skirt very much. Please visit our blog too myminiblog247.blogspot.comHow to work with you to sell our items in your web?We can help to list your products in our web to promote to our customers too.Please reply to us at kunkin100@gmail.com.thanks

  2. JoanJou, if you google purlbee and moving hands you should be able to find them. The Japanese website or blogs I was referring to in my post.

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