Good bye 2010? already?

Good bye, already?  I do not even know if I am ready to say good bye to 2010, yet?
It was such a good year and I still feel like there are a lot to do, but still the clock ticks without my permission.
I am really thankful for this year because I have done lots by leaps of faith not by sight.   Plus not worrying the results ahead.  And I truly like this better.
I am thankful that this year I started my Shop and this blog everything about handmade. (brutally truthful) I just can’t dedicate myself to ONLY one craft (too much that interest me).  I love too much handmade or I love handmade too much, from baking to sewing, from blogging to knitting, from origami to amigurumi and the list just never ends.
I am still finding lots of ways to mix all the skills together (at least two) in one project at all times, but it takes load of time.  I am very proud of a lot of mama bloggers out there that does their blog so well despite of family/ children, running arounds, schools and so much more other commitment apart from updating all the lovely followers.
So here, I am going to name them (a few) to say thank you for encouraging me to start my blog and my Etsy and starting my website soon.  LOL!  (really want to):-
Dawn my faithful follower
wai sam ho my faithful follower
Creative Little Daisy
and the list still goes on . . . cannot think of all of you in one sitting, afterall you are global!
I am truly serious, without you all, I would have not done it this year.

Thank you so much to my family especially my hubby whoeverso faithful in supporting me even when I failed so many times in so many ways.  
Thank you to all my children who never stopped being there for me, modelling, food tasting, sous-chef, cleaner, and a whole lot.  I will certainly miss my eldest daughter as she will be going to Primary One next year.  That is why I said to Hubby, that I constantly need a 3 year old in the house because they are the best helper and they grow up us too quickly.

GIGANTIC  thank yous to all of you and those I forgotten to mention! 
p.s: Now I am wondering if I could close this year with
a BiG Japanese Buffet-eat all u can
So have you any idea what your 2011 will be like?  (on a rough scale) or what are you expecting to happen for you, your family, your work, your friends, social networking, business ventures and opportunities, and etc.  I know I have LOTS!
I am relocating down south and I am really excited, so you know what level of business is ahead of me.  (I bestow upon myself, hahahahah) Is a good business though.  I know I will be very busy leading a bunch of young children, (my favorite) one thing I enjoy retromummy’s blog is her joy and enthusiasm for her children and her church and I truly share that common ground.  (Thank you Corrie S.)
Let’s see . . . what else is ahead of me?  Yes, more business and blogging time, creating more clothes from Japanese Sewing Pattern Book like Mrs. StyleBook, getting a new Juki Sewing Machine (liken a BMW to me) and shipping my entire home to South and last but  not least is going back to pattern drafting and sewing classes.  YES! Hallelujah!

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