Still kicking away. . . ;p

I have not forgotten to write, but it is really tough to juggle everything at one time.  Yesterday, June and I was grocery shopping away from 10 till 4pm with a 30 minutes break in between.  Thankfully enough the weather was so beautiful.  Thank you Heaven above!  šŸ™‚  After we came home, June had to go straight out the door to work and I had to keep all the grocery away PLUS bake a big batch of GINGERSNAPS.  It was SOO fun.
I had so much to write and share with you girls, about yesterday and the day before yesterday, and so much pictures needed to be uploaded but, there is not enough time to do it all.  So sorry gals, I believe I need to do a delayed post.  Nonetheless, here are some great work from TimenLove42.  Merry Christmas to ye’ll!
Dad must be great at creating little “Adams”

Lis getting some ‘eyes’ out of the bag; my super designer

I guess God was also choosing what eyes and hearts to put onto Adam when He made him

and he is on the roll…

I sure hope they are not preparing to run, run as fast as they can, cause they are the …

and so they are trapped, icing sprinkled they cannot runaway

“Let’s build us an army now,”

how about another close up

My Parcel haS ARRiVED!

everyone’s favorite; none other than Dorothy Moore’s Pattern Drafting Book

all around the world from U.S of A
Dorothy Moore’s Pattern Drafting Book
Let me reveal just a little secret of mine.  A week ago, I’ve got on to Ebay and bid for this wonderful book (i think it is out of print)  And… I won!  (Sorry, too excited)  My hubby was so thrilled for me as he received this on my behalf this morning.  (I have yet to even leave a feedback for this fella and I am telling you all now)  Seriously, if you can still find this copy, Do Not give it UP! I managed to save some money bidding on Ebay so go get yours now.  

more blogs coming up after this beautiful celebration is all over

shell button kit

crocodile hair clip

Next year I hope to continue to share with you more gadgets that I find useful as I plot through my self taught pattern drafting course.  Also, sharing with you this new product that I am working on right now.  Cheers and once again Merry Christmas.


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