4 days to Christmas Eve-Are we ready?

Japanese 100% cotton fabric
 I do not know about you, but I often ask myself this question, “Kelly, do you like to burn midnight oil?,” and more than often the answer is YES!  As crazy as it sound, I like the pressure and thrill of it all.  But, I can assure you I do not want to stay this way forever.  Anyway, the fabric above is going be cut for four girls.  Two for my beautiful girls and two for my nieces.  I am so excited that I am going to meet them in a month’s time.  Yes! they are coming from Tasmania, Australia.  When we finally relocated over there, I sure hope I can get all these beautiful japanese 100% cotton to sew, more gorgeous clothes.

Japanese 100% cotton fabric cut and ready to sew

All done cutting I hope that I can read the illustration in the Cucito Japanese Sewing Magazine, (fat_connection is selling this) with little to zero error.  Mind you this is my first time sewing something from a japanese magazine and I am really excited.  (and this crazy me was so ambitious that I cut 4 set with 4 different sizes) So wish me all the best.  Shall post more pictures once they are all done.  Cheers!

got my cookies ready too… down to the barrel’s bottom
 Well, if you are anything like my children, this is what you will find in your pantry.  Almost gone.  We were baking cookies for tonight’s market and as they were baking and packing they were also eating.  I should have taken pictures of them munching away.  I love them.  The way children work . . . with 100% joy 100% passion!  Gotto learn more off them.  Well, these are the slight burnt cookies due to one of the kitchen warrior’s mistake; turning the timer wrongly.  But, hey we get to put them in our tummy.  Enjoy!
kitchen warrior, Lissy got them ready for the evening market, how sweet

check it out…cookies all wrapped up
Yes! Can you feel the vibe?  It is all about the Christmas vibe.  Hahahaha… I am so thrilled and I certainly can’t wait for this evening to come.  I am truly grateful to all my children including the 1 year old little bub loving our homemade cookies.  All glory to Jesus.  Cheers!

steaming my Christmas Plum Pudding
How many of you would agree with me that Christmas without Christmas Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce it is just not christmas-sy enough.  I just cannot resist the sweetness of all those fruit soaked in my brandy sauce ready to be enjoyed with the warmth of families and friends,… and the laughter and sharing photos… mama mia!  It is the whole package indeed.  If you are anything like my family (Asian families) food is the link to bind everyone in unity.  If you have anything to share about how you are preparing for your Christmas please do write comments below.  Cheers!

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