Learning Curve-3rd found gadget

Today I am going to be a little off the track. Not really,… I am actually liberating myself to write on this gadget topic.  I am taking this a little further for you, mummies out there – Baby Diapers.  Yes, you heard it right.  I have a lot to be grateful for the baby diapers.  In my opinion my third found gadget in this learning process of pattern drafting and even online business, is indeed baby diapers.  (rotf) I can’t imagined those days where no one used  this gadget and at the same time, running shows and markets and blogging and cooking and cleaning the house and having to look after three or more children plus hubby.  OMG!
The fact that I can be blogging right now, while my 1 year old is taking her nap in the cool of the day is because she is wearing a baby diaper.  [and I hope we all are using them responsibly, :)]  Now that they have organic and or eco-friendly diapers; I mean this is just getting better and better.  Hopefully, all of us can afford the eco-friendly diapers but, I guess the bottom line is, enjoying ‘the gadget’ responsibly.
I guess I will not go any further, I will stop here and give thanks to this great invention for all mothers of the world who strives and shall thrive to make this world a more beautiful place to love and treasure.  Happy blogging and keep smiling to all mummies and non-mummies in the world.

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