1st Book Review-Fundamentals of Garment Design #1

the first book in this series
I noticed so many people bragged about this book and I do not think I can get passed it.  So I bought the entire set.  (set of 5)  I have been reading this book and I was floored by the accuracy that they are aiming.  And they are still refining their research and technique in pattern drafting and dressmaking.  Awesome found I think.  If you are wondering, I got mind from Kinokuniya, Kuala Lumpur.  I am 100% sure that you can order this in any Kinokuniya outlet.  This book is published by Bunka Publishing Bureau; 2009.  Pretty neat.
You will find the first topic is about all the good stuff; history and origin and then it goes on to materials and tools.  Then it will go to measurement, and so on…  This book is a MUST BUY if you like their Mrs. StyleBook Pattern Magazine.  I can’t wait for my Mrs. Stylebook Mag to arrive in Kuala Lumpur this coming February.
Next, I will be posting about sewing notions and all the gadgets for those of you that are like me; being a gadget geek.
Stay tune.  Love you all!
psss… by the way, Sewtawdry blog about this book and a few others that I have read but, forgotten whereabout.  So check it out

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