My 3rd Precious Gem’s birthday

I simply adore her facial expression, inquisitive, perhaps?
picture taken by her 4year old brother
I really like this look of hers when she is focusing on something; “releasing the force,” maybe?
picture taken by her 4 year old brother
So the above are a little intro of my beautiful daughter, #2 also our third baby, Nayomi.  Today we shall sing Happy Birthday to her.  She is one!  We are so thankful that the Lord has brought us thus far.  It is amazing!
Well, I was baking last night and I got the recipe through this faithful website called . . . BestRecipes.
So this is the look of the cake; Lemon Buttermilk to be precise.  (I did some adjustment on the sugar content)
 35, 36,37 minutes and still counting

still baking in our Rinnai oven (fan force)
 well, this is the result, but not final; cooling stage
I was told to pour syrup onto it, just about now

So, I hope to show you the rest of the pictures tomorrow.  After putting some make up and color on the cake.  (Ohhh, I can’t wait)
 inside, upper page

inside, lower page
I whipped this little card; by TimeNLove42 while I was waiting for the cake to be done.  cheeky huh?
In case you are wondering what those words mean:
Dada: dad
Kar Kar: big sister (that is how Nayomi call her sister)
KoKo: big brother (she actually called him his name; Elijah)  (not encouraged, LoL)
I shall continue my story later this afternoon, so I hope you will stay in touch to check out my final presentation for my cake.
Signed off with love. 

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