Chapel Veil Project

Chapel veil by TimenLove42
Honestly, it took me a long time to be a able to write about this project.  This project was done back in August.  I am truly thankful and proud that I was given this project.  (isn’t the model beautiful?)  I have some photos of the process of making the veil in my flickr account but, I am not so sure how to post them on to my blog so…  At the same time, the photos are not that great… so bare with.
Before I begin the sewing process, I already had a picture in my mind.  So I put it on paper.  (But, nowadays, it is really difficult for my fingers to transfer the picture on to the sketch book)  Then, it was the fun part!… Shopping time!  🙂
I went shopping at the textiles street in Kuala Lumpur and boy, it was hot.  I finally got the softest tulle (the type whereby it just drapes)  I bought 5metres and I also bought lace approximately, 25metres. LOL!
I was happy with the lace design (very simple) but when I got home I found out that my ancient dinosaur  sewing machine can’t take that thickness.  There fore, I needed to hand stitch 25metres of lace onto the veil.  I can tell you that it was fun, errrr…may be not so fun.  LoL!
I was contemplating if I will need to attach a comb on to the veil.  Later, I found out how the bride was going to wear it under her bun (almost at the nape) my job became even simpler.  So now all I need to do is to shape the frontal piece and the back piece and sew a break between the two pieces and … Voila!  It is done.
Funny, how this sounded easier than the real process.  Hmmm… Anyone of you out there that are trying to make one for yourself or others I could be of help.  Anyhow, I do custom made veil and I ‘ll surely be happy to custom made for you out there that are getting married.  Happy Wedding

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