stumbled on to new gem … the beauty of blogging

Hi there, how is it going everyone?  I want to apologize for not updating as consistent as I REALLY REALLY desire to.  Well, enough said, … there is this lady that I stumbled upon two days ago (or so) and she is none other than Retro Mummy.  Well, she is from Australia and I found something very unique about her; an australian using oriental/ Japanese sewing magazine and patterns.  How beautiful!

I am only starting to use Japanese sewing patterns and I am learning so much through (only) the illustrations and photos detailing.  It is spectacular!  They are genius, I must admit.  The reason for me to start using them only about now is because of the myth I have been carrying in my mind:- You cannot read japanese there fore do not bother about japanese sewing pattern drafting magazines.

Bt, Jo, my mom in law (thanks to her) was encouraging me and showing me how easy to understand them just by studying the pictures.  Believe me, they are thorough!  Meticulous indeed.

So you out there who are once fearful you can be sure, if Westerner are using them; then everyone can use them despite of language proficiency.

Wait, that was not where I was heading.  I really want you all out there to meet Retro Mummy for sure.  Her website are very informative and cool.  I know all women would fall in love with her blog.  Check it out!

Are you familiar with the name Rosalie Quilan?  Well, that’s what she intend to giveaway; fabrics by Rosalie Quilan.

At the moment, retro mummy is having a fabulous give away and I trust ABSOLUTELY NONE OF YOU would want to miss this give away.  Hurry hurry mates!


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