Someone made my day

Just as you thought that it is the end of the road,… suddenly I found a follower, guess who, none other than Craftymummy2two.  She made me continue to write my blog and crochet and just simply be a artist, crafter, and a mummy all at the same time!  Three Cheers for Craftymummy2two!  Her other name is Gloomy gurumi.  So do not forget to check her out plus her store as well!  She really got some cool gals there.  You name them she got them. –All in a row–
Honestly this is my favorite.  Her name fits her really well.  I believe is a mother instinct rite there

2 thoughts on “Someone made my day

  1. Keep up the blogging:) and thank you so much for writing about me it means sooo much! Blogging is a hard thing to do excpecialy hard when you have no comments but allways remeber ppl could be reading and just not posting:)Keep up the painting the crocheting and the posting…

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