REseaching and researching

Wow!! I did not realize that it is taking me so much time to do researching before starting an online shop or two. (since Oct 2009) Basically, I would like to start a handmade art and craft store that consist of just about any art and crafts. Say, from metal to beads, from paper to knitting. Yeah… This is because I simply adore handmade products and just about every crafty idea interests me. I am loving it! Well, I still believe there are a lot more research I need to do online before I get my feet wet.

Let see what I am trying to achieve here:
I would like to journal my milestone here (just like a mommy journaling her baby’s milestone) in making and building an online handmade and crafted with time and love shop. With high hopes that the global community would enjoy seeing beautiful things and even consider to owning them.
As for now, I have research why and how and what blogging is and I am trying mine here. (Won’t know till I put my fingers on my mac)
I have also look at others handmade craft online shops and other shops like etsy, dawanda, art fire, craft is art, ruby lane and truly speaking caught my eyes.
As I am working on this my beloved husband, Victor is working on his beautiful designs of animals on Tees. By now you ought to know that we are a bunch of arty crafty family. I am already seeing my children coming along this garden path

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